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My name is Stewart W. Snyder III, P.A.D.I. Master Instructor, and H.S.A. Course Director. I started working with handicapped individuals over twenty five years ago. Over the years I have belonged to many service organizations such as the US Jaycees, the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, the Multiple Sclerosis Association, and the Heart Fund. While involved with these organizations, I learned to have a deep and caring respect for people's feelings, both able bodied and non-able bodied.

Each person has the power within to do what he or she wants, and scuba diving provides a way to use that power. Scuba diving is a normal activity, in a prestigious sport, that is not altered for people with disabilities. Each person must overcome the limitations caused by their own body, be it an able bodied or non-able bodied person, they must successfully learn and practice the skills required to become a diver. Scuba diving is unlike any sport available to people with disabilities, it offers a lifetime of challenge, education, and normal socializing. It is a sport that can include their friends and family on an equal basis.

I was introduced to H.S.A. by Robert Daullary of Underwater Discovery Inc. ,Toms River NJ while serving as Handicapped Children's Chairman for the Lakewood Elks Lodge #1432, Robert asked me to bring some special children down to the pool to swim and try scuba. The day went great, all fifteen children made it to the bottom of the pool and didn't want to leave there. Children that couldn't walk on the earths surface were able to move about freely underwater.

After seeing this and their smiles, my own challenge began with the quest to become an H.S.A. Instructor. I am happy to say that since that time I have been in the water with over a thousand handicapped individuals, and have have met some of the best people in the world. The Instructors, Divemasters, and Dive Buddies I have worked with and who have worked with me, are the best in the world. I have traveled to Bonaire, Costa Rica, Cozumel, the Florida Keys and other exciting places to do Instructor Training Courses.

We offer scuba diving courses for both able and non-able bodied divers.
Be it a P.A.D.I. or H.S.A. course we can get you in the water.

We look forward to meeting each and everyone out there, looking for a safe exciting sport.

Stewart Snyder III

Stewart Snyder III


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